Wine on Nine, a wine and liquor store in Chelsea, has become part of a neighborhood whose traditions run deep in the city’s history. Writers and artists of all types have always found a home here. But tradition has not stopped Chelsea from becoming a dynamic neighborhood where art galleries, fashion shows, new restaurants, remolded buildings, and cinemas are a testimony to the way New York perpetually reinvents itself. These wine merchants, have contributed to this revitalization by offering up the best and most diverse wines and spirits.

The average shopper is often overwhelmed by the number and types of wines and esoteric jargon that describes them. At Wine on Nine, they try to make it clearer for you while respecting the opinion of experts. What you may not find on the shelves, they will gladly try to find for you, neglecting no problem you may have and attempting to answer all of your questions.

You can keep informed via our website on the availability of wines. Monthly discounts are also offered. In-store tasting gives you the opportunity to try wines and discuss them with distributors and importers. The store runs the gamut of every wine producing country both in high end and boutique wines to good value table wines for your daily use. Moderation in alcohol is a necessary virtue, but the pleasure and satisfaction it can offer and conviviality it generates among friends is incalculable. So please, come visit soon.